The Rey Ability and Experience Expression blind community has been established by Mrs Robabeh Safaii and is under cover of Rey city welfare organization. The community has recorded seven years continuous endeavors for improving life and preoccupation for blinds.After Mrs Safaii’s death, the new board of directors have continued her honorable way and have been very successful; In 1393 they created packaging and marketing jobs for more than thirty people working in blinds job-creation center.

Selfconfidence in working and blinds and weak sights job-creation:

The blinds job-creation which is protected by the Rey Blind Community (having permition from the Rey City welfare organization) has been founded with the purpose of providing ppreoccupation, financial  independence and pride for blinds, weak sights, other disableds and enabled people of the society together through producing or other activities having economic values. In this center we attempt to creat jobs and hence, income according to people’s abilities and specialties.

It’s hoped that all visually Impaireds, weak sights, disableds and other people of Iran have preoccupations, financial independence, and therefore be provident in their lives.

General description

The blinds job-creation founded for marketing and distributing cultural and handmade products required by families. In accordance with the blinds’ limitations specially going and coming, and personal marketing, we decided to utilize influential word of blinds and prove this type of marketing in trade affairs. Now, due to positive feedback of this pattern, we can show great aptitude and art of blinds and correlate with various firms and factories.

Purposes of the community

  1. Cultural platting in order to improve blinds and weak sights lives qualitatively
  2. Reinforcing and supporting blinds and week sights abilities and aptitudes, and showing them to other people of the country
  3. pursuitting and Demanding blinds’ rights regarding the law of protecting disableds and the law of citizenship
  4. Increasing esprit atmosphere in blinds and weak sights society through expanse of sport, healthy pastime and artistic activities
  5. Improving economic conditions of blinds and weak sights by job-creation and its extension regarding the society’s abilities and facilities
  6. Society’s acquaintance with blinds and weak sights abilities and behaving with them logically in social relations


  1. Correlating with general media and producing cultural products
  2. Having seminars and didactic classes
  3. Having meetings and negotiations with related organizations and managers on indicating disableds’
  4. Having educational classes, sport competitions, religious and recreation journeys and artistic programs
  5. Accepting the job-creation ideas, attempting to find new ways of creating preoccupations for blinds and weak sights, using job-creators’ experiences’ and absorbing capital for job-creation
  6. Having cultural and artistic programs in order for blinds and people of the society to have mutually relationship, and hence, promoting positive thoughts in society

Main members of the community

  • Zohre Shoori (weak sights) director, cultural-artistic expert of Bahman cultural complex, working with blinds and weak sights for more than 14 years, PhD graduated in social work from uberdin university, Man graduated in sociology from Central Tehran university, and BA graduated in social science, social research branch, from Allame Tabatabaii university.
  • Ali Reza Salami( weak sights) manager of the board, employee, working in blind-special centers for more than 14 years, BA graduated in the field of jurisprudence and law basis.
  • Saiid Azarkhosh (weak sights) accountant, cultural management expert, working with blinds for 8 years, 31 years old, and athletic
  • Davood Hosniye ( blind) main warden of the community, attorney, MA graduated in law, active in activities related to blinds and protector of disableds’ rights specially blinds and weak sights
  • Akbar Anari(blind) attorney, MA graduated in economic law from Beheshti university, active member in blind –specific centers and protector of disableds’ rights specially blinds and weak sights.

It’s hoped that with god’s aid and your companionship we will vindicate visually impaireds’ rights. We wish you to be successful in your attendance to and help others.

Address: Social Entrepreneurship Building for the Disabled – The third decimal – Mahmood square – Javadi The Neighbourhood – Tehran _ IRAN

Tel: +9821-53134 & +9821-55651065

fax:  +9821-55651066

Email: info@tajali.org

Sight: www.tajali.org & www.karafarininabinayan.ir